Using the experience of API to track learning in a mobile and flexible learning environment

Kin Chew Lim
SIM University

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how the xAPI (application programming interface) can be used to track learning in a mobile and flexible learning environment. The xAPI is a new open source based learning technology specification, which allows one to capture data about a person’s or group’s activities from many technologies, either online or offline. There are advantages in using the xAPI. Firstly, the xAPI takes e-learning outside the browser. Secondly, it allows for both informal and formal learning. Thirdly, the xAPI focuses on tracking learning activities. Fourthly, it can be used to track learning via games, simulations, virtual worlds, social learning, self-directed learning, collaboration and team-based learning. The xAPI allows software programs to read and write data statements in the form of ‘I did this’, or ‘actor verb object’. Data statements such as ‘I attended Conference C’ are stored in the LRS (learning record store).