Augmented reality campus learning: Engaging learning objects as an approach

Sheng Hung Chung
Wawasan Open University
Penang, Malaysia

In this paper, augmented reality campus learning is proposed for teaching and learning using learning objects in Wawasan Open University (WOU). It provides self-directed virtual learning capabilities through an augmented reality (AR) approach running on mobile and tablet devices. This initiative focuses on learners’ interactions with virtual learning objects in the teaching and learning environment. The augmentation was performed mainly on: (i) posters; (ii) 3D model objects; and (iii) campus buildings and facilities. Augmented reality campus learning aims to bring a new dimension to life on the campus and learning for adult learners as it allows them to enhance what they observe in images (AR books/posters/figures/charts) and model objects and campus buildings using the camera in their mobile phones and tablet devices. A layer of augmented reality is added to what learners can see on their devices, which has embedded learning object content such as three-dimensional (3D) objects, videos, audios and animations. This extra layer can be used to exhibit student facilities, scenery, points of interest, and activities — and even to teach the concepts of geometry in a mediated reality learning environment. The AR campus learning approach proposed in this study provides potentially transformative added value in the WOU campus learning environment. The paper describes the points of interest and the AR learning objects created during this experimental study.