Can classroom response systems improve the learning performance of Hong Kong undergraduate students?

Anson Wong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong SAR, China

Clicker is one of the most popular wireless classroom response systems. Numerous studies have reported that clickers can engage students effectively in class. However, most of them were not related to Hong Kong, and their findings seldom report student perceptions of using this mobile technology for learning. This study aims to fill this gap by collecting students’ perception of using clickers, and investigating the impact it has on the academic performance of Hong Kong undergraduate students in finance classes. The data on student perceptions of using clickere were collected by a survey and their academic performance was measured in term of their final examination results. In this study, most students agreed that using clickers was fun and believed that it could improve their learning competence. The results found a statistically significant difference in the examination results between clicker users and non-clicker users, with the former performing better. Overall, the study found that clickers can improve learning efficiency and increase student involvement in class, and most of the Hong Kong students were positively towards using clickers.